Hardware used for our products!

Here at Delorme Humidors we care for the longevity of your purchase, therefore we use the best available hardware. 

The HD-680 quadrant hinges we use are made by Brusso, makers of precision hardware in the US. They are made of solid brass, 3mm thick with a built-in stop that allows the lid to remain open at 95° used on Le Maridor model.

The mortise anti-tamper locking mechanism and cylinder comes with two keys made in Germany and is the key to safety for The Saf-ox safe box!

The Competition hardware!

As the designer and craftsman I thought it was my duty to inform you as a potential buyer to be aware of the different quality hardware outhere. If you want a product to last for generations to come, solid brass hinges are the way to go, alongside a quality lock with keys for a good functional unit, Delorme Humidors has the key to safety for you.


At Delorme Humidors we believe in a safe shipping method.  We use a custom made  HD foam to safeguard your purchase in transit

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