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Why you need a humidor

Believe it or not, your dried flower is more vulnerable to degradation than you may think…

Everybody knows that stale cannabis is a huge disappointment, when you expect a flavorful and smooth pull and you get hit with a harsh and stale pull that isn’t as potent as it could have been. The most common solution is to smoke it all before it has a chance to go stale. This works great in some instances… like when you only have enough for one or two joints.

But what do you do when you acquire a larger amount? Perhaps you had a bountiful harvest from your plants, or you got excited to find a new strain you enjoy, and bought more than you can smoke before it goes stale. Or what if you want to have multiple strains on hand so you can pick whichever strikes your fancy in the moment? Then you need some way to store it, and ideally keep any different strains you have separate.

This is where different opinions come into play. Some people would say that you can just throw your cannabis in a glass jar and seal it. However, this will not keep your buds at the ideal humidity, it will only stop it from going down while the jar is closed. As soon as you open the jar, you lose humidity. Not to mention the glass letting harmful Ultra Violet rays through the walls to degrade those lovely terpenes and cannabinoids that you love so much. This causes many people to hide their jars in a dark place, which we feel you shouldn’t have to do!

The best way to maintain your cannabis is to have it in an opaque container at room temperature, with a relative humidity between 55 and 65%. But you don’t want plastic because it can also taint the flavorful terpenes. This leaves us with glass jars in a box… So if you need a humidor, and you are ready to maintain your cannabis in top shape, you need a Delorme Humidor!

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