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Le Maridor (Granite base)


Le Maridor (Granite base)

$775.00 $581.25

-The unit measures 9 3/4″ D x 17″ W x 8″H

-The inside cavity measures 6x10x3.5

​A unique humidor to store your Cannabis. At 62% RH will keep your cannabis fresh, moist, and mold-free for an unlimited time frame. Made of solid mahogany and torrefied poplar. Equipped with 3 octagonal wooden containers. With a two-way humidity system by Boveda and a digital hygrometer from XIKAR. The solid brass hinges and lid supports are made by Brusso in the USA. The German-made anti-tamper lock provides discreet security. A gasket made of 100% silicone locks the scent of cannabis inside the chamber for discretion and preservation. The top is formed from a solid block of mahogany using a hand plane. All with a hand rub finish of oils and waxes, and sitting on a base of polished solid granite!

Nothing small about this guy, it has all the functions of a humidor, with its Delorme Humidors crest, a sign of Where Quality Matters!

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