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Previous Year’s Model: Purple Heart Top Humidor

Previous Year’s Model: Purple Heart Top Humidor


-The unit measures 7″ D x 13″L x 6″ H

-The inside cavity measures 3-3/4″ D x 10″L x 4″ H

-The removable divider has felted ends for ease of dividing the cavity

-The interior is made of solid Mahogany

-Purpleheart top

-100% silicone gasket for a great seal and a lifetime of no cracking or drying out of the gasket

-Xikar digital hygrometer

-A removable solid Mahogany carrier that holds the Boveda packs, held in place with earth magnets

-A German-made lock for security comes with two keys

-Hinges are solid brass made in the US by Brusso

-Two 84% RH for seasoning and two 62% RH for regular use is recommended

-A certificate of Authenticity


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