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EST. in 1995

Where Safety is Mandatory!

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The Saf-ox safe box!

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Sale up to 30% off


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The Saf-ox safe box! ( Base Model )

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Le Maridor


What makes a Delorme Humidor standout from the competition!


Our Humidors are handcrafted with the best materials and craftsmanship available! Made entirely made from solid wood, no particle board or MDF, just quality hardwoods inside out. Carefully designed, every humidor is handcrafted from start to finish, from the rough lumber right up to the last drop of finish! Quality is mandatory when producing humidors and save boxes made at Delorme Humidors

Apart from the craftsmanship, we also have many features to look forward to in our humidor!

Not only are the bodies of our Humidors made from 3/4″ solid wood, each one is made from a single board for the body, so that the woodgrain continues all around to create a more natural fill and eye-pleasing look. The tops are made of solid wood, therefore there is no need to worry about veneer lifting with time. The interior is made of solid Mahogany for all cannabis humidors and Le Mirador comes in five interior options so you can customize the interior to suit your needs! The Boveda pack holder that is set into a hollowed-out cavity of the lid portion is Laser etch from solid Mahogany. For security, a European lock is used to keep out unwanted fingers, and comes with two keys included with all models! We use a 100% silicone gasket in the lid portion to prevent the scent of cannabis from escaping the chamber.

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